7' Stick It Anchor Pin  System
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7' Stick It Anchor Pin System

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Recommended for kayaks and up to a 24' flats boat or a 22' bay boat. Anchor in up to 6' of water.

7' System Includes:

1 - 7' x 3/4" solid reinforced polyester resin anchor pin with a T handle. No metal, no maintenance what so ever and a full 5 year warranty. 

2 - Lanyards (anchor lines). Strong 3/8" floating dockline with a 6" loop at one end for attaching to your vessel and a 1 1/2" loop at the other end      for placing your anchor pin through for anchoring. 1 at 24" and 1 at 84".

2 - Mounting clips.  Molded and made out of uv stabilized plastic resin.  Included are 2 316 stainless steel screws.

2 - Velcro rough water safety straps for installation behind your mounting clips. Can also be used as a push pole!

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